2 Months Unlimited Magazine Reading From Diet Coke

Diet Coke team up with Readly to offer you access to thousands of magazines for 2 months, free of charge..

Ex US President, Donald Trump, may have his thrown his toys out of the pram recently, in his war on words with Coca Cola, with Donald advising people to stop buying Coke products, but I'm going to stand up for Coke, and say go buy a Diet Coke right now, as it will be money well spent, and here's why...

Diet Coke have teamed up with digital magazine company, Readly, to offer all non existing Readly customers, 2 free months of access to it's unlimited magazine service.

Not heard of Readly? Readly offers it's customers, unlimited access to literally thousands of magazines, that you can read on your tablet, phone or PC. It offers a huge number of big name magazines, as well as smaller publications, (now including a decent range of UK newspapers as well), as well as back copies, that you can read wherever, and whenever you want to. The number of different publications is literally huge, and has something to suit everyone, and you can even set up different user accounts within the app, so that everyone in the family can have their own 'channel' of magazines, so they have instant access to their favourite magazines and magazine genres.

Diet Coke are offering promotional bottles and cans, that have a special code inside the lid. Using this code you can claim a 2 month free trial of Readly, via the promotional Diet Coke website. You are also entered into an hourly draw to win a years free subscription to Readly.

The normal monthly cost for Readly is £7.99, and once your 2 free months are up, you will then automatically go onto the paid subscription service, although you will get 10% off the normal cost, and so it goes down to £7.19 a month.

I've actually been a Readly subscriber for a number of years, (and I absolutely love it, as it's saved me buying paper copies of the magazines I enjoy to read, and this has saved me literally hundreds of pounds of the years. Most of the magazines I read cost about a fiver each, so an avid magazine reader I start saving money, after not buying less than 2 magazines!), via iTunes, but have been paying £9.99 a month for the service. As a existing subscriber I couldn't get this Diet Coke deal, so I cancelled Readly via iTunes and set up a new account, with a new email address and payment method, direct with Readly, using my 2 free months offer, and so now have saved £33.60 a year, over what I was paying, plus 2 free months as well, (which is another £19.98 saving, had I stayed using the service on iTunes), so this special offer has save me a decent amount of money, to say the least!

The promotion ends on the 18th April 2021, so you need to be quick and snap up a promotional pack of Diet Coke ASAP! If your local supermarket doesn't have the promotional cans, try a smaller shop who doesn't have such a fast turn around of product...

If you aren't a Diet Coke drinker, you can grab a free month trial of Readly using our special promo link..

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