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60 Days Of Taste Card Benefits For Just £1!

With over 25 national chains that boast 2,000+ individual locations, as well as 4,000+ local independent restaurants, you'll be able to grab 50% off meal discounts with the Tastecard, and you can grab a 60 day trial for just £1!

Grab 60 Days Of Taste Card Benefits For a pound

That's right, for £1 you can get access to not only fantastic food deals, but can also get up to 40% off trips to the cinema and up to 50% discounts off attraction visits as well!

The 60 day trial will give you access to all these great deals, and also access to the Tastecard Plus, which offers even more deals!

Once the trial has ended, you will automatically enter into a £39.99 a year, or a £4.99 a month subscription service, and so if you don't want to do this, put a note in your diary to cancel the service, a couple of days before the trial ends. You can cancel anytime by calling 0800 5677 241

Grab 60 Days Of Taste Card Benefits For a pound

The card is actually great value, even at full price, the average saving is £18.88 per restaurant visit, and so if you like to go out for dinner, your savings can really add up. Those people who enjoy a weekly restaurant visit, could save a small fortune, even more if you coincide your meal with a discounted cinema visit as well!

Tastecard also offer gift options, so you could buy someone a years membership, and benefits for £39.99, giving the recipient discounted meals, cinema tickets, days out, and even hotel stays... It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Grab 60 Days Of Taste Card Benefits For a pound

You can check out the 60 day trial, for £1, here

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