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Bark - Advertise Your Talent Or Trade, On This Handy Site

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

So you have a talent or service that someone else is looking for, but you don't know how to market/advertise yourself, or maybe could do with a little more work, when it's a bit slow?

Bark helps with this. It's an online service where you register and then tell the site what your talent/service/business/ trade is and it then it matches you with potential customers.

Your talent could be pretty much anything, chances are there is a category for it. Popular trades are social media guru's, ecommerce specialists, house painters, gardeners, electricians, carpenters, photographers etc.

Even more unusual categories such as people who will buy things or your behalf, such as products with competition prizes, for example the Cadbury's Creme Eggs that have the special prize winning white eggs under the foil, people will buy these on your behalf and unwrap them for you to see if you are a winner!

There is something for everyone, and so if you have a talent, or need a talent, or service, then Bark might just be perfect for you! 

It's free to register and many of the jobs are free to post, however some of the more specialist roles can be chargeable to advertise/reply to customer leads.

It's a handy resource, and a way of greeting yourself out there, to pick up new customers/leads etc, and there are an ever growing number of people advertising their services, as well as looking for someone to do a job for them, so it's a very worthwhile site to register on, (Which is free)


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