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£30 off a Hive Heating System & Add Some Control To Your Home

Hive is a British Gas invention which is a system that synchronises your boiler and Wi-Fi Systems and that allows you to Control your heating and hot water. Come back to a nice warm house without ever having to heat an empty one. The award-winning Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your smartphone.

Set up to 6 time slots for your heating and hot water to fit with your daily routine, and change them around easily on your Hive app.

Never heat an empty home and you could save up to £130 a year on your heating bills.

Hive Active Heating works with your existing boiler and energy supplier - there’s no need to switch your service.Hive works with Alexa and Google Assistant. So if your hands are full just say “Alexa, tell Hive to turn the heating off”.

Hive Actions are clever little ways to connect your devices together. So with just a tap on the app, you can turn your heating on when the sun sets each day. Choose between many popular pre-sets or create your own.S

tay comfy and save money if you have multiple zones set up in your house. Add Hive Multizone so if you're downstairs all day you don't need to heat upstairs.

You can currently save £30 off a Hive system, making even more of a great deal, plus you can pay in instalments, which I did, that really helps keeps the upfront costs down, and make the system even more cost effective.

I've made full use of the remote access feature of the Hive App, and have used this to make sure that the house is warm when we all get in from work/school and that the heating is never left on, accidentally, during the day. A very useful system and app, and has saved us money on our gas bill.

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