Free Indian Spice Kit Box - Register by 1st Oct 2020

Recreating a truly authentic taste of India can be tough, especially when it comes to getting your hands on all of the vibrant spices, punchy pastes and fresh herbs that make Indian cooking the flavour sensation that it should be.

Tyga make it easier by supplying a range of Indian meal kits, delivering all you need to recreate a true taste of India at home, containing all of the spice blends, pastes and herbs you need to whip up a delicious, authentic Indian style meal.

Tyga have been crazy busy recently, and have stopped accepting new meal kit subscribers for a while, however they are giving away a box, including all the spice blends, pastes and fresh herbs needed to create two main meals and two sides for up to eight people.

The box is being sent out in October, and to be able to pre-register for your freebie, you need to go to the site and enter your details, by 1st October 2020. They will then send you a promo code to use on the site....

You can register here

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