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Save £3 On Your Amazon Order With This Amazon Locker Hack

If you haven't used an Amazon pick-up point to collect an order in the past, doing so now could save you £4 off a £12 order from Amazon.

If you haven't used an Amazon pick-up point to collect an order in the past, doing so now could save you £3 off a £10 order from Amazon.

Select Amazon UK eligible prime membership account holders can save £3 off any Amazon purchases of £10 or more if they collect their order from a local Amazon pick-up point rather than using the Amazon home delivery service and receiving their order at the front door of their home address. To qualify, the customer needs to have never used the Amazon collection service in the past to grab the discount, and the deal is by invitation only, but it's quite possible you missed the invitation to try out the service, and you can quickly check if this offer is open to you and your Amazon account, plus any other offers as well, by going to the Amazon promotion eligibility checker page in your web browser and this will show you all the offers and exclusive access deals you can take advantage of.

To get the deal, which ends on 31st December 2024, or earlier if all the 20,000 allowed redemptions have already been used, to check to see if the offer is open to you, and if you qualify, you will be able to opt into the deal, by clicking on the link. If you click on the yellow apply promotion button, as per the image below, you will get the £3 discount off a £10 Amazon order if you select the pick up from locker option.

Activate your Amazon £3 discount!

The offer is available on both Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter locations.

To select a locker or counter location, when you go to select your shipping address, look for the option to choose an Amazon locker or counter service. You'll find a map of the locations in your area on the shipping page of the Amazon website, or you can view local pick-up points to you, HERE, and you simply select the most convenient location for you. All the lockers are self-service kiosks that, depending on their location, can be accessed 24/7, so you can go and collect your order at your convenience. You simply use the touch screen facility and enter the unique pick-up code that you'll be given during the checkout process or on your order confirmation email, or scan a QR code you'll have been given. Once you've entered the code, the locker will open the door where your parcel is being stored, and you can then remove the parcel. 

Amazon hub lockers are a great way for a customer to receive an Amazon order. It means the customer doesn't have to stay in to wait for a delivery and is a far more secure way to receive an order if you know you're not going to be able to be at home to receive an order.  We've all seen Amazon parcels being left on a customer's doorstep, which is, of course, a security risk, and so using a secure location, such as an Amazon locker, to receive the parcel for you is a safe and convenient option, especially as there's no extra delivery cost for using the service. 

Amazon locker collection service

The Amazon counter option allows you to pick up at a staffed, in-store counters, available at shops and retail locations in your local area. Pickup opening times may differ for each location; check your confirmation email for specific time frames.

Amazon Counter Pickup

This delivery option is free, and there are no additional fees for using either pickup service; it's just a new way to receive your Amazon orders. In addition to package pickup, you can use the locker or counter option to return parcels to Amazon easily, saving you from having to take your parcel to a Post Office.

Amazon pickup locations are everywhere; they can normally be found in convenient locations such as on the front porch or inside petrol stations, grocery stores/supermarkets, shopping centres, and even post offices. 

The offer does not apply where the seller is "Amazon DE", "Amazon FR", etc.)” or on products and services sold on any other website, Warehouse Deals, digital products, Amazon devices and accessories, e-books, alcohol, baby and infant formula, e-cigarettes (including e-liquids, refills and accessories), delivery costs, or against gift wrapping costs. The locker service isn't available for Amazon Fresh orders as these will contain perishable foods and are also rather bulky and so not suitable for a locker delivery.

The Amazon promo code is only redeemable if the same delivery speed is selected for all Qualifying Items; check the "Delivery Details" section during checkout to confirm that all items in your basket have the same delivery speed; otherwise, the discounted price code won't work!

Valid on Amazon UK orders only, and you must have an Amazon Prime membership to get the offer, either as a pay monthly subscription or by paying an annual fee. It won't work with the Amazon free 30-day trial. You can check your most local Amazon collection location HERE

Don't forget you can also save money when buying from Amazon when you check out the website 'Lightning Deals', which are selected great deals on specific products, but for only a short time only or with only limited stocks. It's always worth checking out these deals, and Prime customers, even those using the free trial, can get early access to the 1000's of new deals that pop up on a regular basis, with free shipping too!

You'll also want to check out the exclusive discounts you'll find on select items on the Amazon Warehouse page, which I think is the best way to find the best deals, as you'll find this special Amazon outlet offers decent discounts on returned and fully guaranteed products from some of your favourite brands. The offers are only there for a limited time because they only have limited stocks, and last year, I bought several items this way and got some amazing deals and special discounts (normally around 30% of RRP), and most items hadn't even been opened, so was a real bargain! 

Also, check Amazon's secret coupon page, where you will find hundreds of coupons that can be added to your account to ensure you get the lowest price on your Amazon deals!

You can save money on all your Amazon purchases, including Amazon Fresh, by buying an Amazon gift card from one of the cashback gift card services. It's a great way to earn cashback on your Amazon purchases. Remember to check all the different gift card cashback retailers to see who has the best deal, as they're often battling each other to give the best Amazon cashback rates!


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