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Amazon Prime Day Has Officially Kicked Off! - Two Days Of Deals Start Now!

Amazon Prime Day Is Now Live, For 2 days Only!

It's that time again - Prime Day has arrived!

Amazon Prime customers get to check out a range of bargains for the next two days as the 2022 Amazon Prime Day, 48-hour deals, kick-off!

From 00:01 on Tuesday the 12th of July until 23:59 on Wednesday the 13th of July, customers can benefit from a vast number of discounts and special offers to help save you some of your hard-earned money, on a wide range of products, ranging from TV's, tech, home appliances, computing, food and drinks as well as gaming, beauty and pretty much everything else you can think of!

Amazon often have two deal events during the year, usually around now and then again around October, so we might see another bargain day before, and yes, I'm going to say the C-word... Christmas!

With money tighter than in recent history, millions of people are expected to log onto Amazon to see if the items they need are included in the discount event, but even though the deals usually are pretty impressive, always double-check with other retailers as well to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal, as other retailers often slash prices as well, to be competitive, on the major deals!

Also, don't forget about using cashback sites to ensure you are being rewarded cash back for your purchase and getting the deals. Sadly, Amazon is a little less active on cashback sites, generally with only specific deals (usually Amazon's own products) being offered cash back. Still, you can grab some money back on anything by using a cashback site to buy an Amazon gift card. There seem to be fewer sites offering this at present, however, you can get 2.1% cash back from Karma Cashback by purchasing a gift card and better still, you can get a 3% discount by buying an Amazon gift card direct from My VIP Rewards (VIP charge £3.99 a month for using their service, but you can grab a free month by using promo code LOVESAVING1 ) and this will help save you money on your purchases from hundreds of UK retailers!

Head to the Prime Day page to check out all the offers, and don't forget to go to the coupon page as well, as you may find coupons for the item you are going to buy, so you may even get a discount stack!

There is also a 'Your Promo Codes' section as well, and this will show you special offers you may not be aware you can take advantage of, such as"

You may also find additional offers such as £5 off a £20 order when you stream any Amazon Music song.

All the deals are account specific, so you may or may not have them all, or you may have something else as well, so worth taking a look!

Now, if you don't have Amazon Prime, and not everybody does, you can still take part by grabbing a free month's trial of Prime. Get all the benefits of Prime at zero cost for a whole month, including next-day delivery, free music, free movies and tv programmes and stocks more! Just head to the Prime trial page and sign up!

Remember, however, it's easy to get sucked into a spending frenzy, and a bargain is only a bargain if you actually need the product you purchased, otherwise, it's just an unnecessary expense...

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