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How can you save money at Amazon?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

OK, so you may have heard of a little retail site called Amazon? If not, where have you been for the last decade!?

Let's face it, Amazon is pretty much the biggest company in the world, and in the top 4 tech companies, (The others being Apple, Google & Facebook), and there aren't any people in the UK who haven't purchased something via Amazon at some point, and if anything like me, you may well have used the site to buy something in the past week!

So is it possible to save money on products for sale on Amazon? The answer is simply...yes!

OK, so how can this be done then? There are a fair number of ways to do this, and below you will discover my favourites!

Ask the seller

Ok, so you've seen something on Amazon that you really want to buy and are about to hit the buy button, but wait, what if there was a discount on this item available? So you check on the listing to see if there are any promos listed, but can't see any... bummer, but hold fire, there is another option. Check on the seller profile and then send the seller a little message to ask if there are currently any deals on the product, and if so, could they send you details. Generally the smaller the seller, the more likely they will indeed send you a discount code to use on Amazon, as they want your business! It's a cut throat business, selling on Amazon, and the smaller sellers will normally bend over backwards for you order!

Amazon Vouchers

Amazon actually has a page dedicated to vouchers available for the products it sells. It's normally brilliantly advertised, but it is there! The page lists a frequently updated list of products and each product shows the discount available to redeem. I have added a photo below of what the voucher page deals look like. To take advantage of the deal, simply click on the Collect Voucher button underneath the item, and then the discount will be a added to your Amazon account, and you will find the discount amount deducted from your total on the Amazon check out page. A top tip is to collect vouchers on items you may be interested in buying in the future, as many of the vouchers are valid for months, and you may find that when you come to purchase the item, there are new vouchers available, for you to redeem on the product, and actually the old voucher is still valid, and so both discounts come off the item! It's called a Deal Stack, and you would be surprised how often this happens, and it's far from unknown, that combined with a Lightning Deal, you could get a crazy discount, sometimes as much as 100%!

Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals, are special, time limited discounts, available on Amazon. A lightning deal will normally last around 4 hours, or until the stock has gone.

These are deals, that the seller has agreed a special discount for, that Amazon promote via the Lightning Deals page. You will find a wide array of products available on this page, and a wide range of discounts as well. You do have to be pretty quick on the big discount products, as there are people who literally spend all day looking for bargains and they snap them up quickly and let other people know, so the deal ends fast!

The deals will show you the discount amount, the normal price and also the percentage of the deal that has already been sold, plus the time remaining before the deal ends. On popular items, the deal can go from 10% sold to 100% sold in minutes. Often, if this is the case, you will see a wait list button. If you click this button, you will then be notified when this item comes back into stock again. Sometimes it never does, but I have found that sometimes, sellers will see the product has sold out and then add additional stock to the deal, and you then get a notification to tell you this, and can then try again!

Amazon Discount Code sites

As well as the Amazon Vouchers site, for discount codes off Amazon products, there are also several sites that have offers for products as well. The sites are normally run by the sellers themselves and offer a variety of products and discounts. You can often find free products as well, and these are free because the sellers want the goods gone from the Amazon storage warehouses because they are being charged storage fees, and it's actually cheaper to offer them for free, than pay the ongoing storage costs, or they could be end of line, and they want them gone to make room for new ranges.

Below are the top 3 sites, I have come across and used.

Elite Deal Club

This website offers some massive savings on selected Amazon prime products. Savings are often 75% or more and sometimes products are even free! You need to have an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of the deals. There is often a wide range of items on the site, so worth checking so see if there is anything you fancy, HOWEVER the deals go live at 10am, 2pm and 8pm every day and often there may only be a few of each item available and so you have to be online on the dot to grab the deal, otherwise it's going to go before you get a chance to get it! Once you have selected the deal the website gives you a discount code to use on the Amazon website and this gives you the special price. There is also a 'After Dark' setting you can enable which gives you some more 'adult' items as well as the regular items!


Jump Send

This website offers some big savings on selected Amazon prime products. Savings are often 50% or more and sometimes products are almost free! You need to have an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of the deals.

There is often a wide range of items on the site, so worth checking so see if there is anything you fancy, When you find something you have to request the item. A promo code is then sent to your account, normally within 24 hours, and you get a notification to say it's there and you hop on the site, grab the code and place your order via Amazon.

This in principal is a good site to use on a regular basis, however the discount codes don't always come through and sometimes the ones you do get don't work, so it's a bit hit and miss, but that said I have had some great discounts on products and so worth giving it a try!



We all love an Amazon bargain and Vipon is a great place to find them! 

Vipon lists literally hundreds of special deals and coupons for all the Amazon sites worldwide, and of course the UK.

You could spend a whole day just browsing the deals as there are so many. The site will give you a promo code, if needed, for Amazon to discount the products, or it will will simply give you a link to the already discounted deals.

You need to sign up on the website to join the site, which is free, and then you can use as much or as little as you want.


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