Maximise Your Annual Leave With Our Holiday Guide..

Maximise your annual leave by being clever about when you book time off!

So with January out of the way, and having been back at work for a month now, you may well be thinking about when you are next going to get some time off work, I know I am!

Our guide below will give you some savvy ideas on when best to book annual leave, in order to maximise the amount of time you get off work...

April 2020 - Take five days off for an 11-day break

Over the Easter holidays in April, you can get an 11-day holiday from Thursday 9 April until Sunday 19 April by taking just five days off work.

Bank holidays: That's because we have two bank holidays on Friday 10 April (Good Friday), and Monday 13 April (Easter Monday).

Weekends: You then have two weekends; 11/12 April and 18/19 April.

Time off work: So you only need to take the following five days as annual leave: Thursday 9 April, Tuesday 14 April, Wednesday 15 April, Thursday 16 April, and Friday 17 April.

May 2020 - Take ten days off for an 18-day holiday

You can take nearly the whole of May off from Friday 8 May until Monday 25 May by being savvy about the two bank holidays.

Bank holidays: This year, the first bank holiday falls on Friday 8 May (VE Day), while the second falls on Monday 25 May.

Weekends: Then there are three weekends during this period; 9/10 May, 16/17 May, and 23/24 May.

Time off work: So you only need to take the following days off work: Monday 11 May, Tuesday 12 May, Wednesday 13 May, Thursday 14 May, Friday 15 May, Monday 18 May, Tuesday 19 May, Wednesday 20 May, Thursday 21 May, Friday 22 May.

August/September 2020 - Take four days off and get nine days holiday

In August, you can have from Saturday 29 August until Sunday 6 September off by taking just four days of annual leave.

Bank holidays: That's because there's a bank holiday during this period, on Monday 31 August.

Weekends: There's also two weekends: 29/30 August and 5/6 September.

Time off work: So you only need to take off; Tuesday 1 September, Wednesday 2 September, Thursday 3 September, Friday 4 September.


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