Grab A Frozen 2 BirchBox, For Just A Fiver!

Grab a Frozen 2 themed Birchbox, for just £5
*Grab all the benefits of a Birchbox for just £5.00, saving £7.95

Birchbox are letting new customers grab one of their rather fancy beauty boxes, for just £5, rather than the normal £12.95 price, (including the £2.95 P&P) The boxes are filled with an assortment of 5 different cosmetic and hair care items and comes in a rather impressive looking box!

The box I have coming is this funky Frozen 2 themed selection box, which looks like fantastic value, to me, for just £5! (Free delivery too)

Grab a Frozen 2 themed Birchbox for just £5

This is a subscription box service. The first box will be a fiver and then if you continue the service, this will be £12.95 per box, which is sent out monthly, HOWEVER if you just want to try a box, without entering into a subscription service, then you can can very simply select the, cancel service, option from the 'my account' page, and this automatically cancels any further boxes coming to you, and any further charges.

These are great for gifts, I picked one up and will be using it as a Christmas stocking filler, making it a bit more exciting, than the usual panic buying rubbish I pick up in the supermarket/pound shop...

They offer gift packages as well, where you can gift someone a 6 month, or 12 month subscription... making this literally the gift that keeps on giving!

You can check this deal out HERE

*This deal is for new customers/new account openings only. Ongoing subscription charges will apply, if you don't cancel within the first month.

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