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Blimey, I was On The Telly!

Watch out, Hollywood; here I come!

Hollywood may not be knocking on my door just yet, but it was an exciting experience to spend some time with ITV Tonight, filming a short piece for a programme, which aired on Thursday 24th March, on ITV1.

The half-hour show focused on the rise in living costs for UK residents, and the issues this has created for many people, often with the result that many people are having to make the, frankly disgusting, choice between heating and eating, with those with lower budgets feeling the pinch, and that's before the April price cap increases the cost of gas and electricity by an average 54%, meaning once this kicks in, the level of 'fuel poverty' is going to skyrocket, with many people being forced even further into debt, with the Spring Statement, made by Rishi Sunak, on the 23rd March, giving zero extra support, to most people.

The filming took some 5 to 6 hours to complete and was an exciting experience, seeing first-hand the amount of work involved in producing just my small part in the programme, which I featured in for only a minute or so! The crew and producer were lovely to work with, very supportive, and really knew their stuff, making the whole experience fun and engaging.

I was lucky to have been featured as there was so much content crammed into the show and so little room for spending much time on each piece. I know that some filming that took place for a whole day wasn't included at all. So no matter how little I disliked the idea of my bulky body (one that usually shies away from photos, never mind TV, with an audience of 3 million people), being in front of the camera (a definite trigger for those who suffer from anxiety!), it wasn't too bad to watch, by me hiding behind the sofa! 😜

Below is a video of my part in the show:

You can watch the full episode of the show via the ITV Hub HERE


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