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Sell Or Swop Your Gift Vouchers With Cardyard!

If you received a gift card at Christmas, that although appreciated, wasn't really want you wanted, there is a way to change it over for a different gift card, or to get the cash back!

Cardyard are a reputable gift card buying and selling site, who will buy your unwanted gift cards from you, and either swop them for something else, or give you cash! You select the type of card you have, enter the value of the gift card you have, and the automated system will give you a valuation of what you can expect to receive, for trading it in.

Cardyard will take a commission from the gift card balance, they have to make a profit of course, but as an example, I entered a £20 Amazon voucher into the system, and it instantly offered me £18 cash, or alternatively I could receive £18.90 store credit with them, to purchase an different card from their selection.

You agree the rate with them and send, or upload the cards, to them and they will validate the card and once accepted, you will receive your cash/credit within 2 weeks of them selling the card, but will give you a date you should expect payment to be made to you, so you might have to wait a couple of weeks for your money, however that's still better than having a gift card in your wallet gathering dust right!?

You can also buy gift cards from the site, at a discounted rate. As an example, an Amazon gift card was being offered at 3% under it's face value, which isn't a bad saving, and comparable to the cash back being offered by people such as TopCashback's Top Gift Cards (In fact they don't even offer cash back on Amazon gift cards!), and as you can swop your old card for a card on sale, via the website, its a decent way to make sure you actually get what you want!

This service is pretty useful for anyone who receives gift cards as payment for side hustles such as paid surveys, receipt scanning apps, market projects, etc, as it means you aren't stuck with a voucher you don't really want, but instead can grab cold hard cash, which is probably preferable, as you don't perform these side hustles for the 'fun' of doing them, you perform them as you need the extra money!

It may sound like a dodgy site, I know, I was a little sceptical, but it worked well, I had no issues, and am more than happy to promote this unusual gift card concept. To confirm we make no commission or perks of any kind, from mentioning this company, it's only got a write up as I know it well of benefit to many of our website visitors!

You can find out more on the Cardyard website

Information correct as of 16th January 2022


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