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Where To Get Almost Free Theatre & Gig Tickets & Maybe Even Get On TV!

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How To Score Some Cheap Entertainment Tickets

  1. Cheap Disney Tickets - Disney Tickets, Magical Mondays offers you the chance to purchase seats for participating Disney Shows for £25. Every Monday at noon, a number of tickets for that week’s performances will be available for £25 through the Disney Tickets website. These tickets sell out very quickly, so you need to log on early to be in with a chance to grab a bargain. You need to create an account on the website to participate, which is free to do. There is a limit of two Magical Monday tickets per performance, subject to availability. It is not possible to request specific seats or areas when purchasing Magical Monday tickets; it's a way for the theatres to make sure that performances are as full as possible, as no theatre or performance likes to see empty seats!

  • Seat Fillers! Seat filling is a term used when theatres or production companies need to fill seats for a production, show or gig due to poor ticket sales to ensure that the show looks as full as possible; after all, who wants to go and experience a gig, but to then find there's virtually nobody there, as that's a mood killer! You may find that you are filling seats as it's 'Press Night', meaning the theatre will have invited the press to come and watch the show and review it, and no theatre wants the press to come to a half-empty audience; it doesn't create the right impression! I've been lucky enough to go to many a press night, as my mum used to be a journalist and spent many an evening at the theatre watching a performance and then 'writing it up' afterwards, giving her review, and I used to go as her plus one, fairly frequently, which I loved as it usually meant we were invited to meet the stars of the show afterwards, and have met some pretty big stars such as Gene Wilder, Lenny Henry, Ruby Wax, Charlton Heston and one of my favourite movie stars, from my growing up era, Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in two of my favourite movies; Jaws & Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which was amazing! The productions or theatres give tickets to ticket agencies to distribute at a significant discount, or even free, with only agency fees to pay, which can be a considerable saving! The genres of tickets vary massively, you may find tickets for a musical, a play, a gig or even a festival, and the offers come in fairly frequently, but you may find it goes quiet for a while and then get a barrage of offers come in all at once. You should expect to see less theatre and musical cheap ticket opportunities during busier times such as the school holidays and Christmas, as these times are likely to find these venues busy with families having days out and taking advantage of special family ticket deals, so the chances of seat filling is less likely, however, a rainy Monday afternoon in January might bring up more opportunities, as fewer people will be away from work, or heading off out to the theatre. You may find offers for large or tiny venues dotted throughout the UK. Some venues will be well-known theatres showing big-name productions; others may be small-town theatres offering productions without a big name star or a show you haven't heard of before, or perhaps a comedy show with unfamiliar comics trying to build up their fan base but still entertaining nonetheless! You need to be pretty flexible on when you can attend the performances as often they will be last minute, as most performances will wait as long as possible before offering free tickets, in the hope of getting paid for 'bums on seats' so you might find the performances are in the next few days, possibly a week or so in the future. You may find the seats aren't the best seats in the house; it's often the seats that haven't sold well are the higher up seats, or seats with a slight obstruction, as they might not be the first choice for someone looking to spend good money on a theatre seat! My daughter, who is a massive musicals fan, has managed to grab several of these cheaper tickets and has found that even the obstructed seats are still really good; and has also been lucky and gotten seats in really good spots for next to no money, sitting next to people paying full ticket price! It's good etiquette not to let other people know how much you paid for your seats; the theatres and promoters don't like others to know of the deals, as it causes resentment and may jeopardise future ticket sales, so keep it quiet! There are a few ticket agencies you should register with to receive notifications about these special deals, and it's worth signing up with all of them to make sure you receive the maximum number of offers. Central Tickets - Costs around £4 - £6.50 in fees to grab the free tickets Show Film First - Small admin charge for the free tickets, which varies per performance My Box Office - This service has a £15 yearly charge on top of any admin charge to join up; however, when I joined up, there was a £7.50 half price offer available, which seems to be on offer reasonably frequently, which is nothing when you compare the cost of a full-price ticket, against one of the services massively discounted tickets! Bluelight Tickets - This is a discount ticket service for NHS and emergency services staff.

3. TV Show Audience Members - I'm sure you've seen many a TV show where public members are in the audience to watch and interact with the show; perhaps you've wondered how they managed to get tickets? There are a few places where you can sign up to be offered tickets, generally for free, to be in the audience. You might get to be involved in the filming of a comedy show; I went to watch Hale & Pace being filmed many years ago, which was an experience (it got a bit boring watch the same scene being filmed about 20 times, mind you, was far more difficult to laugh at the same thing after about five takes!), perhaps a talk show, or a current affairs show, or tickets to an outside broadcast, they're all fun to be involved in, and make a memorable, and normally free day out!

Sign up to SBO Audiences (Which stands for standing room only), who have a wide range of free tickets available to some well-known shows, Lost In TV offer free tickets to shows such as Top Gear, Antiques Roadshow, Celebrity Juice, The Masked Dancer & More. Applause Store also offers audience tickets, and you will find tickets for shows such as Britains Got Talent, The X factor, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, and you can also sign up to take part in shows like Naked Attraction, Catchphrase, Blind Date, Flog It & more! You can also sign up with the BBC Shows & Tours for info on tickets for their shows; plus, they have an Instagram page, which is a good way to see upcoming ticket opportunities for TV and radio shows.

On a similar-ish topic, if you want to find out when film premieres are taking place in the UK, and which film star/celebs are going to attend, so you can try and grab a photo with them or get an autograph, a good site is Mark Meets as this site lists all the confirmed, usually London, film premieres taking place.

All these companies and services give you the option to have a fun experience without the massive outlay, so well worth getting involved in; it just shows that a good trip out doesn't need to costs the earth!


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