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Cheddar Adds Chase Bank To Their Cashback App !

Cheddar The UK's Newest Cashback App To Earn Free Money

An even better reason to join Cheddar!

Cheddar, the automatic cashback app, has now rolled out Chase as a banking partner for its service, meaning 1 Million Chase customers can now earn extra cashback on their purchases from Cheddar partners, automatically, on top of the normal Chase 1% cashback!

It makes sense for every Chase customer to be using Cheddar, as the cashback is totally automatic, once you've registered and downloaded Cheddar, the cashback is automatic, so you can just sit back and enjoy earning extra cash on your purchases!

Chase is becoming one of the leading banks in the UK, with a big percentage of Brits now banking with the massive American bank since it launched in the UK in 2022. This new team-up was initially trialled on selected accounts but is now live on all Cheddar user's app, and means anyone using their Chase card to make purchases at Cheddar partners will be able to earn cashback, which is great news, especially for me, as I use Chase for the majority of my banking!

Chase does offer a cashback service already, although this did change recently, and you now have to pay in £500 a month to continue to unlock the 1% cashback feature (capped at £15 per month), so this new link-up may help those who don't really want to have to pay that much money into their account every month. So if you are a Chase customer, it's worth downloading Cheddar's free app so you get to start earning cashback as soon as the link-up goes live! You'll be messaged to let you know how to link up Chase with the app, which is really easy; you just have to remember to renew the link every 90 days (it will remind you!)

Cheddar is also looking to add American Express and TSB later this year as well, so they're really trying to help us earn more cashback on our purchases, which I'm sure we'll all agree is great news!

With Cheddar, you can earn cashback on your purchases at Cheddar partners, and the best part is that the cashback is automatic! It's a similar concept to the Airtime Rewards app, only with this app, you can claim real cash rather than a credit towards your mobile phone bill, and Cheddar has a much lower payout minimum (£5 rather than £10 with Airtime Rewards).

To get started, simply download the free Cheddar app and register your bank account. Cheddar already works with several major banks, including HSBC, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank Of Scotland, AIB, Bank Of Scotland, Barclays, Danske Bank, First Direct, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, Monzo, Revoult, Santander, Wise, and Starling Bank.

You don't need to register your credit card or debit card manually; cash rewards are earned by the Cheddar app scanning your bank account for everyday purchases. Once you've connected your bank account to the Cheddar app, you can start earning cashback immediately on your eligible purchases at Cheddar partners. No matter if you're just doing the weekly food shop or shopping from another retailer partner, the cashback will just keep coming, without the need to have to take a photo of the retailer or grocery receipt, as receipt-scanning apps require, or having to click through to a cashback service in order to receive the cashback offers reward points.

This useful free app works for both online purchases and in-store purchases, and you'll also benefit from frequent offers that can save you even more.

Cheddar brand partners include a number of great brands, including - Just Eat, Starbucks, Wilko, Greggs, Monki, McDonald's, Sports Direct, Uber, Trainline, Sainsbury's, The Dungeons, Madame Tussauds, Bear Grylls, Transport For London, Weekday, TaskRabbit, Grounded, OPI, Colourful Standard, AllPlants, Heist Studios, Joe & The Juice, Amara, Co-op, BoohooMAN, Wish, Redbubble, USC, Nasty Gal, Jack Wills, House Of Fraser, London Theatre Direct, Game, Face The Future, Green Man Gaming, Boohoo, and GANNI.

You may find some partners disappear for a while and then pop back; brands often change things around! If you refer one of your friends to join the app, you'll find it will unlock extra brands to your account as a thank-you, which is nice! Cheddar is introducing lots of new brands this year to help you earn money on your everyday spending, so Cheddar app users can look forward to lots more cashback offerings from their favourite retailers, which really helps during these current pressures on families' budgets and with even more top brands coming onboard, it means even more free money for Cheddar users!

Cashback rates vary from as little as 1% to higher cashback rates of up to around 20%, with the majority of the bigger brands, such as supermarkets and restaurants being 1%, but that's not to be sniffed at; I would much rather receive 1% cash back on my Sainsbury's shop, than 0% by not using the app! Those 1%'s soon start to add up, and in time there could be a fair few quid sitting there to spend on something you fancy and remember you don't have to do anything; once you've signed up, everything is automatic, so you don't have to do anything at all, you don't need to change your shopping habits, just do your regular shopping, and the cashback amount will just appear in your account once you spend at a Cheddar partner.

You might, however, decide to switch retailers to get the cashback, which is something the Cheddar partners hope you'll do after they don't want just to give away free cash for nothing, they hope you'll switch to them, rather than using the services of a rival, and by offering cashback that a rival doesn't, it's likely you may swap to them. I often do!

According to the mobile app, you could earn over £1,000 a year in annual cashback earnings, especially if you frequently use Cheddar partners. As more brands join up with Cheddar, I suspect that will increase! With a minimum withdrawal amount of just £5, you won't have to wait long to access your cashback; once you have the £5 minimum, you can request your cashback, which normally comes through to your bank account within minutes!

Cheddar is a free app to download and use, and it's also safe and secure. The app is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so that you can sign up with confidence. Plus, Cheddar works in conjunction with other cashback apps so that you can maximize your rewards, and it is well worth downloading, in my view.

New members can use our referral code (PINCHER) to download the app and get an entry into the app's weekly giveaway. And don't forget to check out our blog post that gives you my list of the best cashback apps to maximise your rewards and make some extra money.

Also, consider using TopCashback Quidco Airtime Rewards ZipZero JamDoughnut or swap your current account to a Chase account, where you'll earn 1% cashback on everything you buy for a year!


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