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All You can watch Movies For £9.99!

Unlimited Monthly Cinema Trips for £9.99!

The re-opening of cinemas this week, has been boosted with the news that Cineworld is now offering their Unlimited service for just £9.99 a month.

The £9.99 deal allows you to watch as many 2D movies as you like, every month, in your local Cineworld complex. If you want to watch 3D or 4DX movies, you just pay a small uplift charge.

The deal also gives you added benefits including:

Snack and Drinks Discounts

As a red Unlimited card holder, you get 10% off all in-cinema food and drink – plus if your local Cineworld has a Starbucks, your Unlimited card gets you 10% off there too!

Enjoy 25% off Food and Drink at partner restaurants

As Unlimited member, you get 25% off food AND drink (including alcohol in Wales and England) at partner restaurants - Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Las Iguanas. Just show your Unlimited card next time you head to one of those chains

You also get invites for special pre-screening and VIP events as well.

The deal is amazing value, if you are an avid cinema goer. My local Cineworld Cinema is currently offering tickets for a movie, for £6.74 per adult, and so even if I watched just 2 movies in one month, using the Unlimited Card, I would have saved £3.47, and that's without taking into account any additional savings I would have made on any drinks/snacks I would have purchased, using my 25% discount!

You can pay monthly for the service (12 month minimum), or can pay for a years membership in advance. The yearly card does make a great gift, and as someone that has previously been gifted a years cinema Unlimited card, I can confirm that it's an awesome gift!

The £9.99 price will differ depending on your location. Cinemas in more premium areas, such as Leicester Square, London, as an example, are more expensive. Areas are put into groups, and by selecting your local cinema on the website, you will be able to see what group you fall into.

Information correct as of 20th May 2021


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