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Overstocked Cornish Cheese Producer Offers 'Grate' Deal..

The Cornish Cheese Company, an award winning cheese producer, who thanks to Covid-19, lost 90% of it's business overnight, when restaurants and other food companies, were forced to close, have teamed up with Too Good To Go, to offer a fantastic deal on it's blue cheese..

The cheese producer was left with 18 tonnes of it's short shelf life, Cornish Blue, to clear before mid July, or face having to bin the lot, and although it's now been able to sell through, or freeze, some 8 tonnes of the delicacy, it still needs to find a home for the other 10 tonnes! Too Good To Go, have stepped in to offer it's help in clearing through as much of the excess as possible, by teaming up with the producer to offer 50 'Magic Bags' of cheese per day, for the next 6 weeks, for £8 to those, Too Good To Go, users who are able to collect direct from the cheese manufacturer.

The 'Magic Bags' contain 1kg of the Cornish Blue cheese, which is a significant saving over the normal £24 per kilo price tag!

Those cheese lovers, like myself, who are too far away from Cornwall to take advantage of this fab deal, ( I do love a bit of blue cheese!), are able to purchase the cheese direct from the

manufacturer, for £16 for a kilo, which includes postage and packing, which is still a great deal for the consumer, and a reassuring reduction of the overstock for the producer!

You can download the Too Good To Go app, for free, via - - and this will give you access to this deal, as well as many others, including deals from Morrisons and Nisa, as well as many other local food producers, restaurants and shops.

You can order the £16 cheese deal, via

Personally I think this would make a fantastic Fathers Day gift, for the cheese fanatic, like myself, and hopefully my children are reading this article and getting a #hint .... Time will tell...

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