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Creative Kitchen - Win Prizes & Products Tests

Updated: Jul 2


Creative Kitchen is a little different to many of the other frugal based items I've mentioned on this website. It's not a guaranteed way to make or save money, but I like it, and here's why..

So what is it?

The general way this site works, is that they send you food related questions and surveys, which as a foodie, I quite enjoy, and in return comments and feedback, they will award you points. For every 100 points you earn, you can claim 1 entry into the end of the month draw to win a share of a prize worth £2,000, which is split up into prizes, as below:

  • 6 x £100 voucher

  • 6 x £50 voucher

  • 8 x £25 voucher

  • 20 x £20 voucher

  • 50 x £10 voucher

The points are awarded as below:

You will receive points for every task you qualify for and complete:

  • Discussion/Picture Task = 50 points

  • Brainstorm = 25 points

  • Quick Poll = 10 points

  • Survey = minimum 40 points

The more of the tasks you perform, the more the entries you get into the draw, and the more likely you are to win a prize, and to be honest, you are probably more likely to make money with this method of side hustling, than by using some of the slow burning receipt apps etc!

What I also like is that they also conduct product testing research projects as well, with a recent project I took part in with my nipper, regarding trying out a new kids drink, which only took a few minutes, paying a £15 Amazon voucher, which was a decent reward, and they seem to conduct several of these a year, so the website could very well be a profitable side hustle for you to get involved with!

It's free to join up, you just go to the site, and take an initial registration survey that details your general food & drink behaviour and some demographic questions, and then you are off and running. You can expect to receive a couple of survey invitations a month, plus also additional quick polls, and there is a discussion site as well, if you want to get involved with that, currently it's not particularly active, but interesting none the less.

The surveys usually take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete, and the longer the survey, the more points you earn!



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