£10 Off a £20 Grocery Purchase Via Deliveroo

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Useful little £10 off a £20 order for groceries from Deliveroo for selected customers - check the promotions section of the Deliveroo app to see if you have it, then add £20 to the cart, from a local grocery store, and you will get the £10 off!

We had a long overdue night away in a hotel last weekend, ate in the restaurant and then once back in the room fancied dessert, however found there to be only 1 dessert available for room service, so ordered ice cream and some other goodies from Deliveroo, and had them deliver to the room, which they did, and saved the tenner, and got loads of other stuff as well, which saved the cost of room service, and we got a yummy dessert and so were quids in!

Cunning right 😂🎉🎉🍦

If you haven’t got a Deliveroo account, use our promo link and get £2.50 off your first 4 orders, of £20 or more...