Dermatological Condition Market Research - £45

What’s it about?
The purpose of the research is to understand the impact of living with an ongoing dermatological condition.

What will I need to do? You will be asked to participate in a 75 minute web-assisted telephone interview and a 5 day app task (15 minutes over 5 days).

Once your answers have been validated by our recruitment team, you will agree a provisional interview time and be sent an email that asks for a verification photograph of your prescription / medication. We will need a response within 48-hours in order to keep the appointment for you and send over confirmation in the form of a Recruitment Agreement.

How much will I get paid? You will receive £45 Amazon Electronic Gift Card.

When will I need to do it? The interviews are taking place from 23rd January onwards

You can apply to take part in this research by clicking the button below. When asked who referred you, please use the name Penny Pincher and the email address:

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