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Discover Disco For Instant Discounts At Dozens Of UK Retailers

Disco are a browser extension, for Chrome, (others browsers coming soon), who offer a new alternative to regular cash back site users.

So what makes Disco different to normal cash back sites? Well the big difference here, is that Disco don't give you cash back in the normal way, instead they 'take over' the transaction from the retailer and offer you an instant discount off the normal price, being quoted by the retailer, rather than paying your the cash back at a later date, like the majority of other cash back sites.

Disco is a browser extension, which if you aren't sure what that is, it's an 'app' that you download from the Disco website, which installs onto your browser, (currently just Chrome, but they are looking to add more browsers shortly). It will just show an extra icon on your browser tool bar to let you know it's installed, and you won't think about it until you go to a retailers website, that Disco has partnered with. At that point Disco will swing into action, and announce that you can get a discount with that retailer, using Disco, and the app will then work it's magic and offer you the discounted price at check out.

The way this works is that the final checkout page of retailer will show you the price to be paid, and then next to that there will be another price, which will be the Disco price, and if you then click on this cheaper price, Disco will take over the transaction, and allow you to pay the cheaper price, and will charge the card you have stored on your Disco profile page, completing the purchase. The order still goes through in the normal way, and the retailer will then send out your order as normal.

It's a pretty simple system. and the benefit to you is that all the retailers that have signed up, and partnered with Disco always offer you a discount, so no more looking around for promo codes, or waiting for cash back for weeks, from the normal site, it's all automatically done for you, and you benefit from the discount immediately.

You can see how it works, via the images at the bottom of this article.

Disco has several dozens retailers partnered with it, some on the smaller side, but some big players can be found, including Boot's, New Look, Groupon, B&Q, J D Williams, Dunelm, Wickes, Debenhams and more, so it's definitely worth having a look when looking to make a purchase!

The discount rates vary by retailer and vary from 0.5%, up to 25%, with Boots, as an example offering a 2% discount, which when looking at TopCashback as a cash back site option, also has a 2% cash back rate, which means that for speed Disco would actually be the fastest way to save money, as the discount is instant, HOWEVER TopCashback were offering 7% cash back on Boot's products from the Health & Baby category, and 10% on Vitamins, and rival Quidco were offering 11% on certain categories, and 3.1% on everything else, so it really does pay to look around before buying!

I'm not sure if both the discount and cash back would work, if you went through a cash back site before then using the Disco discount... I will investigare that, next time I'm shopping at a Disco retailer, and update this blog accordingly!

There is a referral link for anyone who wants to use Disco, and if you use this you will get a £10 extra discount, which can be used on your first purchase, for up to 50% of the cost of your purchase, to a value of £10, so even if you use Disco just once, you can save up to a tenner instantly, which can't be bad!

How it works

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