Ethical Halloween Costumes From Morrisons..

It's Halloween next month... whaaaaaaaattttttt... yup really, it is, this year is just flying along, (Which is good as I will be pleased to get shot of 2020), and Halloween brings the usual dilema of what Halloween costume will the kids want this year!

Assuming that Halloween isn't cancelled, and you can take part in some, socially distanced, fun and games, then Morrisons may be a more ethical place to grab a costume!

Why ethical? Well it's because the supermarket chain have introduced a range six children’s costumes made from 100% recycled polyester - a fabric made from old plastic bottles.

Available in six scary styles: Scream Queen, Grim Reaper, Unicorn, Vampires, Pirate, and Werewolf, the costumes cost between £10-£12 and come in sizes 3-12 years.

All the costumes are machine-washable, so they can be used again for future fright-night festivities....

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