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Experian - Keep In Control Of Your Finances With A FREE Trial

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Most people have probably heard of Experian, and if you haven't, there is a very good chance that Experian has heard of you!

Basically Experian is a consumer credit holding company and they keep details about your finances. They know what you owe, who you owe it to and if you are keeping up with your payment responsibilities and they feed that information back to credit lenders to give them a snapshot as to how good an investment you are, or are not.

As well as giving this information to lenders, they also allow you, the consumer, the opportunity to view your credit rating and score as well. This then helps you to get an idea of what information is being sent to lenders and gives you the opportunity to try and increase your score via the helpful hints and tips they give you, and also to sort out and put right any information that's not correct and maybe influencing your score negatively.

Experian gives you the basic score and snapshot for free, which is very useful. They also offer paid for services which will give you more in depth information about your account and what's affecting it.

​It's definitely worth getting the free service, you have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain! The system updates every 30 days, which allows you to keep your finger on your financial pulse...

You can join Experian for free HERE


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