Unlimited 5% Grocery Cashback For Three Months! Perfect Timing!

Updated: Apr 8

Earn 5% cashback on Amazon purchases and win one of five £30 Amazon vouchers
Karma Cashback is offering new users who download their app and register (free to do) an impressive 5% cashback on their food shop!

The offer is open to all new app users from the 4th of April until the 16th of April. Buy any supermarket gift card from the app, and get a 5% instant cashback bonus on your purchase; and better still, you can do this as many times as you want for three months!

I can't think of a better time to be able to save money on your grocery shopping, can you?

So here's how it works:

1. You need to send the app enough money to purchase a gift card, so if you want a £100 Sainsbury's voucher, as an example, you set up a deposit for £100 from your bank to the app. You will be given a bank account to send the money to once you sign up, and you just set that up on your online banking account so that when you want to send the app money, it will only take you a minute or so.

2. The money, £100 in this example, will typically hit your Karma app balance within a few minutes and show in your wallet.

3. Navigate to the shop section of the app and choose which gift card you want to purchase. You can use your balance to buy a £100 gift card or a mix of different denomination gift cards from whichever retailers you want. In this example, I'm going to buy a £100 Sainsbury's gift card, so I select the Sainsbury's logo, which takes me to the order screen.

4. This screen then asks me to choose what denomination gift card I want to buy, so I select £100. The system then allocates your £100 wallet total to buy a £100 Sainsbury's gift card.

5. Your gift card will then be available in your app wallet. The gift card can then be used in-store or online.

6. The 5% cashback on your purchase, in this case, £5 (5% of the £100 purchase), will show in your available funds, and you can use this to put towards another gift card, or you could withdraw it to your bank account if you want to.

The nice thing here is that your cashback is instant; you don't have to wait weeks for the cashback to become available; it's going to be with you, to do with as you please, straight away!

Once you have signed up, you can buy as many of the 5% gift cards as you want for three months, which will really add up, as let's face it, after the cost of gas and electricity, food is probably your biggest expense for household bills. 5% cashback is unbeatable!

The regular cashback of each featured brand (ASDA, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and John Lewis (Waitrose) will be instantly credited and the remaining cashback (to make a total of 5%) will be credited by 20th July 2022. Karma Cashback will compute the total cashback after the 3-month period.

This deal is for NEW app users only and is not available for existing app users.

You can sign up to the app HERE for free and start earning fantastic cashback straight away!

The video below shows you how to download and register the app, which only takes a couple of minutes!