£5 Off Your First Beer Or Gin Order From Flavourly

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Get £5 off your first case of a beer or gin subscription from Flavourly. This company offers special, monthly, discovery boxes of craft beer or bottles of artisan gin.

This is either a nice monthly treat for you or makes a fantastic gift. The monthly beer charge is £25, however you can get £5.03 off your first case of beer using promo code AFWAD5 so 10 Beers for only £19.97. Then £25 each month after that.

If you fancy the gin, use promo code AFGIN5 will give £5.03 off the first box, so 3 x 200ml + mixer & snack for just £29.96. Then £35 each month after that.

I have taken advantage of the beer deals and had some really unusual beers from all over the world, with flavours I never thought possible! 


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