Here's How To Grab A Free Can Of Rockstar Energy!

Updated: Jul 11

Grab a free can of Rockstar energy drink

Rockstar energy drink fans can grab a free can of Rockstar, thanks to a new deal from the manufacturer.

There is a cost element to this offer, as you need to purchase a can first, then upload a copy of your receipt via the promotion page, and once this has been done, you will be immediately emailed a voucher for a free can.

The voucher can then be used as payment for another can of Rockstar. You can buy any of the following flavours to be able to claim one of the 10,000 free can vouchers being given away:

  • Original - Plain Pack

  • Original - PMP Pack

  • Original No Sugar - Plain Pack

  • Original No Sugar - PMP Pack

  • Punched Tropical Guava - Plain Pack

  • Punched Tropical Guava - PMP Pack

  • Xdurance - Plain Pack

  • Xdurance - PMP Pack

  • Xdurance Fully Loaded - PMP Pack

  • Juiced El Mango - Plain Pack

  • Juiced Baja El Mango - PMP Pack

  • Juiced Tropical Punch - Plain Pack

  • Juiced Tropical, Orange, Passionfruit - Plain pack

  • Juiced Tropical, Orange, Passionfruit - PMP pack

  • Punched Sour Bubbleburst - PMP Pack

  • Punched Sour Raspberry - PMP pack

  • Juiced Passionfrutas - PMP pack

  • XD Power Hardcore Apple - PMP pack

  • XD Power Blue Raz - PMP Pack

The voucher can be used to purchase any flavour, up to the value of £1.45, and the voucher is valid until 06/01/2023.

The offer is open until 30/12/2022. You can claim up to 5 times.

80p off a can of Rockstar

As I write this post, Monday the 4th of July, you can claim an 80p saving off a can of Original Rockstar purchased at Morrisons via the Checkoutsmart app, meaning you can save a big percentage off a can to be then able to claim another can for free! This Checkoutsmart deal looks to end on the 6th of July but could change.

You can claim your free can on the official Rockstar promotion page HERE.