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Grab A Free Pack Of Wildflower Seeds To Help Protect The Bees..

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Rowse, the honey producer, is giving away packs of free wildflower seeds to help protect the bee population, which are vital to assisting in pollinating flowers and the food we eat.

According to Greenpeace, there are about 20,000 different species of bees found worldwide. We have about 270 species in the UK, including honey bees, and they’re responsible for pollinating 80% of our wildflowers. They also pollinate essential crops like apples, beans, squashes and almonds, providing us with a free but vitally important service.

If bees disappear, we’d have big problems producing enough food. So it’s worrying that, like many other insects, bee numbers are plummeting. A third of UK bees have disappeared in the last ten years, and a quarter of European species are at risk of extinction. Bee losses are particularly concerning because they are more efficient pollinators than other animals. Studies have shown that bee-pollinated foods can be bigger and healthier.

The most significant threat to bees and other insects is the loss of their natural habitat. Bees and other pollinators rely on wildflower meadows for food and shelter, but since 1945 the UK has lost a staggering 97% of these areas. Intensive farming has removed many of these meadows' ife-friendly features such as hedgerows, water meadows, and ponds. Expanding urban development has also paved over large areas, leaving nothing left for bees and other insects. The free wildflower seeds, part of the Rowse Hives for Lives mission, are a great way to help protect the honey bees we all rely on.

Once the flowers start to die off at the end of summer, why not look to preserve them to add colour to your home during the winter, or you can buy these all ready to display in your home (preserved flowers Sydney) You can grab your free pack HERE.

Free wildflower seeds from Rowse #Hivesforlives

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