UK Car Owners- Research in Germany - Free Flight + £

CAR CLINIC IN GERMANY - We are conducting a market research study on cars. Participants will be flown out to Germany to take part in focus groups or interviews about future car design.

All participants will be put in a hotel and meals provided. Participants will be collected from the airport and taken between their hotel and the research location

Dates and travel arrangements:- Out Going flight details: Saturday 25th January from Stansted Airport Departure time 8.00am Return flight Sunday 26th January Departure time from Frankfurt 3.00pm UK arrival time 3.35pm

Incentives: £225 for 2 hour face to face interviews and £250 for 2.5 hour groups + your airport parking expenses Incentives to be paid by BACS once you have returned and we have received your airport parking receipts

All to own and  drive one of the following cars bought from new between July 2014 and June 2018 :- Small / B-class Opel Corsa, Audi A1, Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, Renault Clio, Peugeot 208, Hyundai i20, Citroen C3, Skoda Fabia, Toyota Yaris                                  Compact / C-class VW Golf, Opel Astra, Citroen C4, Audi A2, BMW1, Seat Leon, Toyota Auris, Opel Astra, Mini, Mercedes Benz A-Class, Renault Megane, Peugeot 308, Hyundai i30 Mini-SUV / SUV-B Opel Mokka, Audi Q2, Mercedes Benz GLA, Mini Countryman, Ford EcoSport, VW T-Cross, Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Seat Arona    

You will need to provide car documents as proof of ownership of current vehicle if selected to take part which will need to be sent over to us either with your application or upon recruitment We can take either personally owned cars or company cars (as long as you had a choice of which car you wanted)

If you would like to register your interest in this project please refer to PROJECT CAR CLINIC IN GERMANY in your email subject box and email us at with ALL of the following information

Full Name:   Age: Tel: Gender:   Ethnicity: Occupation of chief income earner: If you were not born in the UK how long have you been resident here:

Which of the following best describes your employment status? Full time job Part time Job Retired Housewife/house husband Unemployed/job seeker Student trainee

What is your job title (if retired your previous job title)

Which industry do/did you work in?

What is the highest level of education you have completed? Basic secondary school GCSE ‘O’ levels or equivalent ‘A’ levels or equivalent University degree

1. Which, if any, of these make of cars would you NOT consider purchasing? Opel                                      Audi                                         BMW                     Volkswagen                             Mercedes-Benz                Mazda                                  Ford                                       Hyundai                               Toyota                                  Peugeot                               Nissan                                   Fiat                                         Renault                                Citroen                 Kia                                          Mini                                       Jaguar                   Range Rover                        Dacia                                     Daihatsu                              Other make Open to all

2. What is the make and model of the car you own and drive Make Model

3. How many vehicles are there in your household? Only one vehicle More than one vehicle

4. Did you buy your vehicle as a new or used car? New Car Used car (including one year old used cars/demonstration vehicles)

5. When did you buy this car? Before July 2014 Between July 2014-June 2018 After June 2018

6. How much did you pay for your car? Cost of car:-

7. Is this car Privately owned A company car A car for self employment

If this is a COMPANY CAR how many models could you choose from? 8a. Between 2 models b. Between  3 or more models c. I was not able to choose

8b. Will you be able to provide proof of ownership e.g. insurance certificate confirming the make and model of car etc?

9. ALL TO ANSWER are you the main driver of the vehicle? Yes No

10.  Would you consider buying a new car in the next 2 or 3 years? Yes No

11. Will your next car be another new car or would you consider a used car? New car Used car (including one-year-old used cars/ demonstration vehicles)          I don’t know

12. How likely are you to buy a Mini SUV / SUV-B? Definitely not Probably not I’m not sure yet Probably Definitely

13. How likely are you to buy an electric car? Definitely not Probably not I’m not sure yet Probably Definitely

14. If you are not sure if you would buy an electric car under what circumstances would you consider buying an electrically powered vehicle? a. Availability of an adequate public charging infrastructure                              b. Adequate range (on a single charge)                                                                  c. Purchase price is comparable to petrol/ diesel vehicles                            d. Shorter charging times for batteries                                                                       e. Higher reliability and longer life of batteries                                                                        f. Traffic restrictions for other engine types                                                   g. I can’t imagine buying an electric vehicle

15.  If you are interested in electric vehicles to what extent have you already looked into them? a. I’ve not looked into electric vehicles in detail yet, but I do think this is a very important subject b. I’ve been looking into the subject for quite a while because environmental issues and efficiency are very important to me                                         c. I’ve already looked into the subject in detail and have various models at the back of my mind               

16. If you are interested in electric vehicles which ones do you know? Please name up to three electric vehicles

17.ALL TO ANSWER  Which of these statements do you agree with? a. If I had the choice between an electric vehicle I didn’t like the look of and a vehicle with combustion engine I preferred the look of, I’d still go for the electric vehicle. b. At the moment I continue to prefer vehicles with combustion engines because the charging infrastructure is still inadequate. c. It would be adequate for me to have an electric vehicle that had a range of 250-350 km before needing recharging. d. It would be possible for me to charge an electric vehicle at home or at my workplace.

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