Get Paid To Test New Products!

Get Paid To Test Products

Swift Insights are an online research panel, owned by Swift Research. The panel offers its site subscribers the opportunity to test out new products, and then get paid for giving honest feedback on your thoughts.

Firstly, I just want to say that this isn't one of those, 'sign up to test and keep a brand new Dyson', or some other fancy gadget, site, that then turns out to be a massive survey, with no chance of getting a Dyson, but every chance of being signed up to 1,000 email mailing lists, resulting in a deluge of spam emails! This is a genuine, product testing site, that I have personally contributed to, for well over a year!

The tests can be varied, one test may be laundry detergent, the next hot chocolate mixes, which makes things a bit more interesting. Tests come through every so often, it's not a weekly occurrence, but is a good way to earn a few extra pounds, while giving feedback to the manufacturers on their products.

It's free to sign up, and the majority of 'missions' are conducted via it's online systems, however if you are located reasonably close to Wetherby, West Yorkshire, where Swift is located, you can also expect to be offered in person tasks as well, where you attend the Swift offices and take part in one on one tasks, and product tests.

Payment is normally made via gift vouchers, which is non taxable, (so long as you aren't employed by Swift), so doesn't count towards your £1,000 limit of income received, yearly, without having to declare the income, (As long as Swift don't pay you £250 or more in the year)

It's a decent little side hustle and it's quite nice to be offered the opportunity to try new things, at the same time as making a little extra income...

You can sign up for free HERE and until the 8th June, 2021, if you sign up, you will be entered into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher or one of ten runner-up prizes of £50 Amazon vouchers.

New members must be UK residents aged 16 or over and must not be employed by Swift Research Ltd., or be related to an employee of Swift Research Ltd.