Get TRIPLE Cashback On Your Dinner Out!

So you are going out to grab a meal? Mmm lucky you, what can be better than a yummy meal with the family or friends.... cash back on the meal of course!

We show you 3 ways to grab cash back on the same meal!

Step 1

You need to sign up for Airtime Rewards, then when you eat at any of the following restaurants you will earn cash back. The list below shows the cashback amounts you can earn:

Grab up to 10% cash back on your restaurant meals!

Hungry Horse - 10% Cashback

Farmhouse Inns - 10%Cashback

Chef & Brewer - 10% Cashback

ASK Italian - 5% Cashback

Zizzi - 5% Cashback

YO! Sushi - 5% Cashback

Cafe Rouge - 5% Cashback

Tom’s Kitchen - 2% Cashback

Bella Italia 5% - Cashback

Caffe Nero 5% - Cashback

Spaghetti House - 4% Cashback

Pizza Express - 5% Cashback

TGI Fridays - 5% Cashback

Papa John’s - 4% Cashback

Carluccio’s - 5% Cashback

Byron Hamburgers - 4% Cashback

Can't get out? No problem, Deliveroo, will also earn you a 3% cashback!

How does Airtime Rewards work? Well you sign up, by downloading the app, and then register your debit cards and credit cards to the app, (Yes this is safe!), then whenever you make a purchase, using one of your cards, the purchase gets tracked by the app and it credits you the cash back amount, to your Airtime Rewards account. Once you have reached a £5 account balance, you can then withdraw. The withdrawal amount is then credited to your mobile phone account, and comes off your phone bill. It's that simple!

Cash back can also be earned at a range of non food retailers as well as Morrison's & Waitrose.

If you would like to join Airtime Rewards, just download the App, and you are off and running. If you use our referral code - Q8FWLDQB, , you will also receive a 50p joining bonus and you earn cashback in the first 7 days, you will also earn an additional £1 bonus as well!

Step 2

Sign up for ZipZero, who are an app based cash back service, where you upload a photo of

Sign up to ZipZero for 1% cash back when you upload any receipt

your receipt to the app, and you will then receive a 1% cash back of the receipts total. You can only upload personal receipts, not business ones, but other than that you can upload any receipt for anything you have purchased, in any shop!

The cash back you earn can then be used as part payment for any of your normal household bills, such as council tax, gas, electricity, or your phone bill.

You can earn up to £50 in cash back every month, so potentially that's £600 of potential cash back per year!

You can download the ZipZero app here

Step 3

Sign up for Snap My Eats - This app allows you upload a picture of your receipt, for any food

Earn up to £5 per month, when uploading receipts to Snap My Eats

purchase you have made, no matter if it's a sandwich or a full blown 3 course meal. You can upload up to 15 receipts per month and if you upload the full 15, you will get emailed a £5 Amazon voucher. You can do this every month, and so that's £60 per year, just to upload your food receipts to an app!

You can download the Snap My eats app here

So that's 3 ways to earn cash back on your meal... bon apetit!

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