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Grab A Free Too Good To Go Meal From Global Citizen

Global Citizen, the poverty and climate action group are, offering its app users a Too Good To Go meal, worth £4.99, for free.

The free to download and use app gives you lots of information on its core campaigns based on current World issues. As a part of this, it offers a range of challenges for you to get involved in to familiarise yourself with how you might help shape and influence some of the biggest challenges affecting the world today.

Global poverty is one of the subjects the app covers, and to help UK citizens to think more about poverty, how to help reduce the problem and come up with solutions, the app is offering its users the opportunity to grab a Too Good To Go meal, worth £4.99, for free, as part of its Food Waste Warrior campaign.

To get this freebie, you need to download and register the app, and then for three concurrent days, you need to go on the app and complete a fast challenge based on poverty. Once you have done this, you will be given a promo code for the Too Good To Go app, allowing you to pick up a meal for free.

If you arent aware, Too Good To Go is a food rescue app that allows the consumer to be able to purchase excess meals or bags of food products, from a food retailer or restaurant, at a heavily discounted cost to help save the leftover food from being thrown away and adding to the considerable amount of food wasted every minute of the day!

You can find out more about Too Good To Go HERE and download the Global Citizen App HERE.


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