Discounted/Free Groceries Via Your Mobile Phone!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

You could save hundreds of pounds a year by making good use of grocery cash back apps on your mobile phone!

Discover new and exciting products, all discounted to as much as 100% off, that you can pick up when shopping at your favourite supermarket.

The apps suggest a range of different products, categorised by store, that are available at a discount to you. You simply check the app, see what you fancy, purchase the product, then using the app, take a photo of your receipt, select the items you are claiming for, and upload the information. The app will then send you a refund, to the value of the offer, often within 24 hours!

The deals are financed by the food manufacturers, who offer you discounts to try their products, in the hope that you will like the product so much that you will buy them again and tell your friends...

It's a great way to try new things, as well as feed the family for less. Some deals even allow you to purchase multiple amounts of an offer, so you could find that you end up with several of an item, all at a discounted price.

It's far from unusual to get freebies, as you can see from the snapshot of offers I have listed below, there are many discounted items and 8 free items available, via 2 apps, and deals change on a weekly basis.

The 3 best apps, in my opinion, are Checkoutsmart, (Current refunds received £171.26), Shopmium, (Current refunds received £154.00), and Greenjinn, (Current refunds received £32.78). There is also Clicksnap, however this is linked in with Checkoutsmart and so have similar offers, but having accounts with both apps, means you could double up on offers, by requesting refunds from both apps, but you do need to purchase on separate receipts, as you wouldn't be able to scan a receipt through Checkoutsmart and then use the same receipt on Clicksnap, as it knows you have already scanned it, but you can still double up on the deal if you want, which is handy for products you like!

There is nothing stopping your family members from all having theior own accounts via the app, so you can grab even more deals, but this is frowned upon by the app services, for obvious reasons...