£104 Of Supermarket Savings This Week Via Shopmium

Shopmium have a whopping £104 of supermarket savings available this week, via their app and website! You can check out all the items on offer below...

If you haven't come across Shopmium as of yet, and are unsure what it's all about, it's an app, (also has a website), which offers a range of grocery products, that have been discounted, by up to 100% in some cases, as an incentive for you to give them a try.

You go to the app, check out what this weeks offers are, and then when you go to the supermarket, (You can filter the offers on the app, by supermarket, which is handy as not all products are available from all supermarkets), you then buy the products/deal you want to take advantage of, then using the app, you can apply for a refund, to the value of the offer.

To do this, you simply hit the 'Request my cash back' button, scan the barcode of the product, using the app, upload a photo of the receipt, and this then sends the info to Shopmium. You will then receive your refund, via Paypal, within a couple of days. And that's it! It's very simple, and the offers change pretty much every week, so it's definitely worth checking on a regular basis.

I've personally had cash back on over 60 transactions so far, saving over £103 so it really adds up. If you haven't already joined, then you can join, for free, via our special link, which not only will get you signed up, but will also earn you a FREE tub of Ben & Jerry's as a welcoming offer! You can sign up HERE

This weeks offers
Shopmium offers this week

Shopmium offers this week

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