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Earn Cash Back To Put Towards Your Kids Future!

Earn Cash Back To Put Towards Your Kids Future!
A cash back site with a twist...

KidStart is a little different from the normal cash back sites out there. It gives money back when you shop at over 2,300 well known retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis & Partners, eBay , Argos, Boden, M&S, Tesco and many more! Turning the everyday shop into a nest-egg for your kid's future.

So, basically they offer you a free kids savings account, A Kiddybank, and all the cash back you earn goes into this account, saving towards your childs future. You don't have to use their own kids savings club, you can nominate funds to go to another kids bank, building society or child savings account you have set up or you may already have, or it could be set up to go to your own bank account.

If you are using the KidSave account, friends and family can directly top up your child's account online as well, giving the child's savings an extra boost, useful for Christmas/Birthdays etc..

If you choose to use the Kidsave saving account, it's provided free of charge and you can set it up online, so don't need to go to a high street bank branch.

You can withdraw funds to the nominated kids saving account, once your cash back balance reaches £10.

The child can be yours, a grandchild or a friend's, or you can nominate a local school or organisation to receive the funds, on your behalf. You can also Invite family to join and their shopping will also benefit your children

The cash back percentages offered, can sometimes not be as strong as other sites such as Quidco or Topcashback, but on the whole the rewards offered are pretty reasonable, plus they offer a 2% cash back on ALL purchases, which no other cash back site has been able to match, to date. Topcashback offer cash back on certain categories only, and certainly not on every category, so even if you just use this cash back site for Amazon, it's still going to add up, if you use Amazon as much as our family does! You can find out more and sign up for free HERE

Information correct as of 9th February 2020

A selection of the offers available at time of writing this post

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