Toby Carvery - Kids Eat For £1 & Our Cash Back Hack

Toby Carvery restaurants are offering a kids eat for £1 offer, from Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th Feb. Find out about our hack for an even better deal!

Kids Eat For A Quid At Toby Carvery

From Monday 7th Feb through to Wednesday 9th Feb, Toby Carvery restaurant's will be offering children's meals, or kids carvery, for just £1, when dining with an adult. One adult main entitles you to one children’s main for £1, two adult mains entitle you to two children’s mains for £1 each. Valid for up to 4 adults and 4 children. This offer is suitable for children 12 years and under.

The deal is for eating in only, not for takeaway orders.

Now to maximise the offer, how about 'beefing it up' , (see what we did there), with a cash back deal as well! Normally you can't get cash back for dining in at Toby Carvery restaurants, (although you can for take out meals, via TopCashback at 11%), however you can get cash back at Quidco, by buying a gift card for the Toby Carvery, that you can use in the restaurant!

Quidco offer 8% cash back on gift cards, purchased through it's website, so if I was you, I would be guesstimating my bill, by looking the cost of what you are likely to order, on your local Toby Carvery's menu (prices differ slightly at the restaurants, check for your local Toby HERE), and purchasing a Toby Carvery gift card for what you think your bill would be, (as an example my local carvery is £8.99 for a midweek roast, so I would times that by 2, for the adults, add a pound for my nipper, and so buy a voucher for £25, to include any drinks), and then use the gift card to pay for the meal, and this means I've saved 8% extra on my meal, which in this case would be £2. which just paid for my kids meal, and has gifted me with an extra £1 to put towards my bill!

Every penny adds up, so even though 8% isn't a huge amount of cash, you wouldn't want to spend more than you need to, would you? After all if you dropped a £2 coin on the floor you would pick it up right, so why would you 'throw away' £2 when you don't need to?

If you aren't already a Quidco member, you can find out more about it, and sign up for free, (if you aren't a member sign up via us, and grab a £5 bonus, when you have earned your first £5 of cash back!), on our website HERE and start grabbing some great offers!

Enjoy your carvery, and do leave a comment if you take advantage of either deal, it's great to get feedback when folk's take our advice!