£10 Off A £40 Shop At Lidl Coupon

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

£10 Off A £40 Shop At Lidl, Coupon In Mail On Sunday On Newspaper 10th November 2019

In today's Mail In Sunday, and also in yesterday's Daily Mail newspaper, there is a £10 off a £40 spend in Lidl, cut out voucher.

Valid from the 10th November until the 14th November, you can present the voucher in any Lidl store for your discount,. (Not valid in Northern Ireland). You need to present a genuine voucher, not a photocopy or printed version, (Yes I did consider uploading a high quality picture of the voucher, for you to print, but it won't be accepted sadly!), and it's one voucher per transaction.

You can only purchase two alcoholic items per transaction, (unless you are in Scotland, where you cannot get discounted alcohol at all), but other than that, you can buy whatever you fancy!

The Mail on Sunday is £1.80, so even taking this into account, you are still £8.20 up, but worth checking if any of your friends or neighbours have today's or yesterday's Mail, that you can nick the voucher out of!

Voucher must be used by the 14th November, so you only have a few days to make us of it.... Last time this offer was on, I forgot and wasted the voucher!

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