Medical Self Injecting Patients Market Research - £50

What’s it about?
We are looking for patients that are self-injecting or carers / family member who inject someone using a dial-a-dose pen

The details of the study are below:

Purpose: Understanding how patients administer their medication and testing a new administration device

Methodology: A 60-minute face to face interview at our clients offices in Runcorn

Incentive: Patients will receive £50 bank transfer.

Patients will also receive payment to help cover their travel expenses of 45p per mile, plus:

Anyone within 19.9 miles of Runcorn site – no extra payment

Anyone 20.0-29.9 miles away – extra travel time compensation of £20

Anyone 30.0+ miles away – extra travel time compensation of £40

Dates: Interviews are taking place during the week commencing 27th January

You can apply to take part in this research by clicking the button below. When asked who referred you, please use the name Penny Pincher and the email address:

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