Grab 7% Cashback From Morrisons, With Airtime Rewards!

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Morrisons Teams Up With Airtime Rewards

After temporarily parting ways, Airtime Rewards has announced its partnership with Morrisons, which was paused at the beginning of the pandemic, is back on!

This means that customers of the popular supermarket chain can now enjoy up to 7% cashback on their supermarket shop, which is a generous cashback offer!

You get 1% cashback on all purchases under £30 and 7% on any purchase over £30, so if you do a weekly shop at Morrisons, your cashback could add up!

If you haven't heard of Airtime Rewards, it's a cashback scheme that detects when you spend at one of its partners and will automatically credit the cashback to your Airtime Rewards account. Once your cashback has been updated from pending to available, you can then use these funds to make an extra payment to your mobile phone bill, once your account balance is £10 or more.

Airtime Rewards is a decent way to make a saving on your mobile phone bill. It is so easy, as once you let the app know your card details, it will automatically register any cashback owed to you, so you can spend as usual, without having to lift a finger! Just check your account every month or so to see the balance, and then once you have enough funds, hit the redeem button and Airtime Rewards will send the cash to your mobile phone supplier, which will be applied to your account.

It really is money for nothing! You can also use the new Boost function, which allows you to pair your bank account with Airtime Rewards to earn cash back on any purchase made from a partner from your bank account, which is safe, yes!

If you haven't already signed up, then you're missing out! Register today for free by downloading the app from, and if you use our referral code of Q8FWLDQB, you will be gifted 50p to get you started, then spend within the first seven days and get an additional £1 bonus!

There hasn't been an announcement on if and when the Morrisons offer will end, so best to get shopping now!