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Morrisons & Heinz Extend Their Free Meal Offer

Morrisons & Heinz Extend Their Free Meal Offer

The deal has been extended until the 27th of November, 2022

Morrisons have extended its collaboration with Heinz, which allows anyone to grab a completely FREE jacket potato and beans until the extended date on November 27th 2022 or until all the 160,000 free meals are claimed, whichever comes first.

Initially, the offer ran over the school half term but has been extended due to its popularity and the great feedback it has received from those in need and those applauding the initiative.

Heinz will also be donating 100,000 meals to the charity Magic Breakfast to help feed children at risk of starting the day hungry in the UK.

The offer is available from Morrisons Cafes and in all Morrisons 397 cafes and is on every day while the cafes serve hot food (times may vary from each location).

The meal normally costs £4.98 for a jacket potato, side salad and Heinz beans, yet it is totally free with no requirements to buy anything else. Thye deal is limited to one free jacket potato and beans per customer per day.

To grab the deal, you need to speak to the cafe till staff and 'ask for Henry', and you will be able to eat for free, no questions asked!

The Morrisons and Heinz offer has been set up with the hope that it will go some way to ensure that those in need of a warming and nutritious meal can get one for free during the current financial crisis.

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