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Can Your Phone Spice Up Your Life?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Craving a Nando’s? Well, fear not, they are running a promotion during the month of November offering weekly giveaways for anybody who can prove they're craving a Nando's!

Demonstrate you’re a fan by showing that your phone’s predictive text shortlists “Nando’s*” when you type in the words “I’m craving”, will allow you to unlock free PERi-PERi fix, with a minimum spend of £7!

Because who knows you better than your phone?!

Text yourself a Nando's!
Text yourself a Nando's!

Whether you’re into wings, fancy an extra side, or need a veggie burger to satisfy your craving, we’ve got you covered, with the following items available:

- Week 1 (4th to 6th November) – FREE Any Side

- Week 2 (11th to 13th November) – FREE 3 Wings

- Week 3 (18th to 20th November) – FREE Any Vegetarian Burger

- Week 4 (25th to 27th November) – FREE ¼ Chicken

Your phone’s predictive text must shortlist one of the following words: Nando’s, PERi-PERi, Chips, PERi-salted chips, ¼ chicken, Wings, Spicy Rice, Colesaw, Garlic Bread, Corn on the cob / Corn, Creamy mash, Macho peas, Saucy Spinach, Grains ‘n’ Greens, Long Stem Broccoli.

Bon appétit!



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