Nectar Points - 'POWER HOUR' -Offering 25x Points For One Hour Only!

Nectar Points - 'POWER HOUR' -Offering 25x Points For One Hour Only!

If you are a collector of Nectar Points like me, you may be interested in the Nectar 'Power Hour.'

On Wednesday the 1st of June at Midday, for ONE HOUR ONLY - all purchases, over £15 in value, made on eBay will be given 25 points, per pound spent, compared to the usual 1 point!

This means that if you spend £100 on an item via eBay, during that hour, you will earn 2,500 points, which are worth £12.50, meaning you are getting a 12.5% cashback rate, which takes some beating!

If you're going to make use of the offer, don't forget to use TopCashback to click through to eBay, as you will earn 1.1% cash back on the purchase price, plus if you have a Chase Card,(Get £20 for free for signing up for one if you haven't), then use that to pay, as you will get 1% cashback from that as well, so add it all together, and you'll be getting 14.6% worth of vouchers and cashback on your purchase!

You need to opt into the promotion, which you can do by using this LINK.

Bonus points will be awarded within 28 days of the end of the Promotion Period they won't appear immediately. The offer is on one item only, not a selection of different items in your basket.