Fancy Earning £4 Taste Testing Pasta Pots?

Earn £4 Taste Testing Pasta Pots!

Flavorwiki are currently conducting a tasting study on Pasta Pots!

How does it work?

You will be taken to a screener to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the study. Once you have answered a few questions, and have been accepted, you will be shown the 2 pasta pots you will need to try. You need to purchase the 2 pots from your local supermarket, (around 69p each), and once you have them, you will be asked to make the pots up, and answer some questions about the look and taste of the products.

You will be paid £2 for each pot, so £4 total. You won't get super rich from the tasting session, but will get a your pasta pot cost covered and a little extra as well. You could always have additional family members join the study as well, and could then share the pots, lowering the costs and making a little extra cash ...

You can sign up to the study HERE