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New Free Samples & Offers App Launches In The UK

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Personal Perks, is a brand new app that has launched this month.

The app allows you to request free samples from a wide range of different companies, including products such as snacks, drinks, shampoo, cologne & perfume which are delivered to your home or work, as well as being able to access vouchers for products, and special discounted deals for members.

You are given points for every deal you take up on, and when you reach a certain level of points, you can then redeem them for vouchers for spending at Amazon, Tesco, Ticketmaster,, Virgin Experiences, or you could even exchange them for an IPad!

You can earn extra points by reviewing the samples you have received, to help you get to the vouchers quicker...

The app is free to download and use, and is available from the App Store, or Google Play.

If you use our referral code to join up, you will be awarded an extra 50 points to get you started. Click on the More Information button below to do this.

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