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Sell Your Photo's For Some Extra Cash With Picfair

Budding amateur, and also professional photographers, can earn some extra cash using photo selling sites.

An example of this is Picfair, (of which we have no connection, nor financial gain from any sign up's), who offer photographers their own online store to sell images, and image downloads that they own.

Picfair offer free and paid for services, allowing the photographer the choice of a free, or paid for online stores, (Paid for services are around £5 per month to use), with the paid for service offering additional facilities and benefits, however the basic, free service allows users to upload photo's and allow potential customers to view their images and purchase them for either their personal or business use.

Picfair do take a commission, of around 20%, for each sale you make, so the site isn't totally free, but with over 200,000 photographers using the site to sell their images and millions of visitors every year, it's a decent site to use to help earn a few extra quid, using your camera..


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