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Reduce Waste & Get Half Price Grub!

Karma App - Reduce Waste & Your Eating Out Costs, Plus Get £5 Free Credit On Us!

Karma helps to reduce food waste by giving restaurants, cafes and grocery stores the opportunity to sell their surplus food on Karma’s app to users at half price.

There are over 2,000 restaurants, bakeries and food businesses signed up to the service at present, most in London and the South Coast area, who offer unsold food, that will likely end up in the bin, to Karma users, at half the normal price, resulting in the users getting a great deal, the food stores reducing the amount of food wastage they produce and, according to Klarma, 550 tonnes less food having to be sent to landfill, 1 million more meals eaten by hungry people and 800 tonnes less CO2 being produced.

The food stores update with the app with what products they have available, how many they have, and how much they are charging. The App user can then see this information, and if they want to take advantage of the deal, they order and pay online, and then go collect their purchase. It's that simple!

The App makes money by charging the food business 25% of the amount paid by the user, for using the service, which means that the food business still receives 75% of the sale, which is 75% more money than they would have received, had they thrown the food away!

The App and service is free for both the hungry person and food business to download and use, the App user pays only the price of the food, there are no subscription fees for either the App user or food business.

This is a great idea, and one of only a few companies offering this type of service, and is a great way to help tackle the billions of tonnes of wasted food, that's thrown away every year!

There are limited numbers of restaurants taking part in the UK at present, and only in a limited geographical area, but the service is growing steadily, and already has had success in France and Sweden, and so it won't be too long before this service is more evenly spread across the UK, I'm sure!

If you know of a business, or perhaps you are a business, that might like to sign up, or get further information, on the service, you can so by going to the Apps retailer website

If you fancy getting cheap grub, PLUS, using our link, a £5 credit to use on the app, then you can download the App on the customer website

All information correct as of 22nd October 2019


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