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How To Find Free Water Refills, To Save You Spending ££'s On Drinks!

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This is good to know, to get free H2O 😜

We all know how expensive it can be to purchase drinks while you are out and about, especially during hot weather, and with the cost of drinks going up, this can turn a cheap day out into a far more expensive adventure! Luckily there is an app that will help you find locations where you can refill your water bottle for free or even get discounts on other drinks by reusing/bringing your own cup/bottle.

The app, conveniently called Refill, is available to anyone and allows you to 'tap' into a global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill. With 300,000 Refill stations, offering refills for free water, discounted hot drinks, and even discounted food if you bring your own container!

30,000 businesses are offering free water refills, ranging from small local businesses to large companies such as supermarkets, and these businesses will allow you to refill your water bottle for free, saving you money, and also reducing the number of plastic water bottles, and other drink containers, from being used and having to be disposed of.

You may find a business offering you a discount as a reward for bringing your own cup, with Morrisons offering a discount from its cafe on hot drinks served in your own cup.

If you are a business wanting to offer water refills, you can list your business on the app for free, bringing you extra potential customers, but importantly offering a fantastic service during this time of need and a need to not be spending as much money as possible! You don't need to be a food business to participate.

The scheme is international, so even if you are on holiday, you can use the app to find free refills, just be aware of any water drinking restrictions before drinking tap water!

You can download the app from the Refill website for free.

Also, consider the app Water-Map, which will show you the location of local water fountains, cafes, and restaurants worldwide offering free water/refills. I've found this pretty helpful, as I had no idea where the nearest local water fountain is to where I live, and I actually found five within a mile radius, which was news to me!


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