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Royal Mail Drop Prices For Online Postage Orders

Royal Mail reduce the cost of postage for parcels, when booked online

The Royal Mail have announced that, as of 4th January 2022, they have reduced the cost of it's 1st class, and 2nd class parcels postage, when purchased online, or via it's app.

For small First class parcels up to 2kg, you will save 50p when you buy your postage online rather than over-the-counter. For small Second class parcels up to 2kg, you will save 30p online vs over-the-counter.

Below is a price comparison guide, showing the new savings:

The price reductions will come as bonus for small businesses who use the Royal Mail as their courier, but are don't send enough to be able to qualify for a business account, and for EBay sellers, who are likely to make the most use of the new savings.

You can still drop your parcels off at a local Post office, or drop box, or can arrange for Royal Mail to collect your parcel from your home or business, for 60p per parcel, which is handy if you don't send a lot, and/or don't want to have wait in a busy Post Office..

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