Royal Mail Increases Postage Costs For 2021

Royal Mail rolls out largest price increases since 2012!

On the 1st January 2021, the Royal Mail increased the price of it's postal prices, the highest increase in prices since 2012, meaning that the cost of sending your letters and parcels, is now the highest amount it's ever been.

The Royal Mail blames the increase on the cost of implementing Coronavirus prevention for it's workers, as well as additional costs for a rise in temporary workers and overtime, caused by an increase in demand, due to the increase of people sending more parcels via it's network, which is expensive for the delivery service to process and deliver.

Going forward the cost of postage will be:

  • A first-class stamp for a standard letter will rise by 9p (12%) from 76p to 85p.

  • A second-class stamp for a standard letter will rise by 1p (2%) from 65p to 66p.

  • A first-class stamp for a large letter will rise by 14p (12%) from £1.15 to £1.29.

  • A second-class stamp for a large letter will rise by 8p (9%) from 88p to 96p.

A standard letter can weigh up to 100g and measure a maximum of 24cm x 16.5cm x 5mm. Meanwhile, large letters can measure 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm, but still have to weigh 100g or less – if they weigh more, you'll have to pay extra.

The increase in costs may mean that the Royal Mail is no longer your cheapest option for sending your items. Letters would be hard to find a cheaper service for sending, however parcels over 2kg in size would very likely be cheaper if you use a parcel comparison site to compare the price of sending your item via a different courier service.

Service such as Parcel2go and Parcelhero have special rates set up for it's members, and you will find that it can be far cheaper sending this way, than going either via Royal Mail or direct to the courier companies.

As an example, a 4kg parcel sent via Royal Mail would cost you £8.79 via 2nd class post (with no tracking or signed for option), or a 1st class service, with the same lack of tracking or signature, would set you back £15.85. The same size parcel, sent via Parcel2go, using the Collect+ service (Yodel) would cost you £5.64 (drop off service), and would include tracking, or if you needed it there fast, you could select the DHL drop off option, which would cost you £6.83 and would arrive next day, again with tracking facilities. You can pay an extra £1 or so, (depending on the service), and the courier will collect directly from you, to save you having to leave the house, plus all service offer you an extra protection option (insurance), to ensure that higher value items are covered, should the parcel be damaged or lost in transit (Exclusions apply)

Royal Mail now also a collection from your home, or business, option, should you wish to use the Royal Mail option, and this cost 72p per parcel they collect from you, which will save you having to go to a Post Office, It's a little cheaper for them to collect your parcel, if you are sending a pre-paid return to a company, which is pretty useful...

So it's worth shopping around if you are sending parcels this year, the Royal Mail is a traditional delivery service, well run and reliable, but there are other options, and checking them out may well save you a decent chunk of cash...

Info correct as of 1st Jan 2021. Use this link for Parcel2go to save 20% off your 1st order.