Sainsbury's Half Price Toy Event!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Sainsbury's have this morning launched their half price toy event, both in-store and online!

Your intrepid Penny Pincher has zoomed over to the nearest store to see what kind of bargains can be found, and I must say there are a lot of great deals!

I didn't find a single toy that wasn't reduced in one way or the other, and there were a massive amount of half price deals to be found. My advice would be to check the prices online before buying, just to make sure that the deal you are getting, isn't cheaper elsewhere, as I have heard a few stories of people finding that the prices of the toys have gone up recently, to then go back to the same price as they were previously, to make the deals seem better, and I did find several Paw Patrol items showing as half price, but were actually the same price I paid for the same thing a month or so ago... It's an old retail trick to increase/inflate and then decrease the prices to make the deals look great, (I worked in retail for a long time!), but none the less, there were still some great deals to be had!

The store was really busy, and the toys were flying off the shelves, and it was looking a bit empty in places, but I'm sure there is plenty of back up stock and the shelf stacking elves will be refilling all day!

Lots of decent ideas for Christmas presents and stocking fillers, so well worth a browse. Tesco and Argos are planning similar discount events, so keep your eyes peeled for bargains!

The deals are valid from the 16th October until the 22nd October 2019..

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