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£1.3 Billion Singles Day Is Here! But What Is It?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Grab some great Singles Day deals this 11th November

Sooo what the heck is Singles Day? Will you need to swipe right? Nope this is another way avenue for retailers to go down, to help you part with your hard earned cash, and it could be the biggest spending day of the year!

Originating in China, and invented by the owner of the commerce giant, Alibaba, to celebrate people being single, the sales day was invented and has evolved into a general sales event.

The event is also know as 11.11, as it always takes place on November 11th, and last year the event raked in nearly £35 Billion worldwide, in 24 hours, which is no small change! To put that in perspective, it’s three times the online sales that Black Friday generated in 2018, so it's really something special! The event hasn't really registered in the UK, as a 'thing', but this year there are a number of big name retailers, who will be offering bargains, in the hope of generating some extra sales into their pre Christmas sales figures, and so the event has started to attract a lot of attention!

Retailers such as Amazon, Sports Direct, Asos, Superdrug, New Look and many others will be hoping for a slice of the expected £1.3 Billion worth of anticipated sales on Monday 11th November, so its definitely worth checking out, but if you do miss it, worry not, Black Friday is on 29th November this year, with massive discounts expected, which are normally run over the course of a week or so, and so there will still be deals to be had!

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