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Looking For A Great Armchair Sidehustle? Say Hi To Skedadle!

Looking For A Great Armchair Sidehustle? Say Hi To Skedadle!

Can you really earn money by playing games, and if so, is it legit?

I was talking to a friend of mine recently, chatting about side hustles, as you do, and he mentioned a gaming app he had been using to pass the time on his commute to work by train that not only helped him fight his boredom of nearly 3 hours of train journeys every day but also paid him for playing the games! I don't like to miss a side hustle opportunity, so I downloaded the mobile app to see what it was all about and if you can earn money by playing games on the train!

The app is called Skedadle, and it actually does pay you for playing games! Skedadle turns gaming into a rewarding experience; it's an innovative free app that has a selection of different mobile phone-type games (think about that old-school Snake game you used to have on your clunky old Nokia phone back in the 90s, and you'll get an idea of what I mean by mobile games), that you can play whilst on the move, or sat on your sofa that will indeed allow you to earn some extra money in your spare time!

So why would an app pay you to play its free games?

Advertising is how you'll be able to earn some free money! In the background of the game, you'll be shown adverts for a range of different companies, and it's these companies that pay the app for the advertising opportunity, and the app then pays you a share of the ad revenue as a thank-you for playing the games and putting up with the adverts. The adverts are visible, that's the idea, after all, but they don't get in the way like you get on other gaming apps, with annoying pop up's, these all run in the background, and after a while, you tend not to really notice them anymore! The adverts are family-friendly; I've not seen anything you wouldn't want the kids to see. It tends to be adverts for companies such as McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, and Hello Fresh, so nothing dodgy, but it may make you hungry ;)

How much money can I earn?

Okay, so you won't get rich! Don't hand in your notice to your employer because you'll be a professional gamer going forward; it's strictly a way for Skedadle users to make some extra cash in their free time, but they should not rely on it to pay their mortgage! My simple math has worked out that it is probably about a 1p payment per gameplay (I'm basing this on the Scrabble game, which is the one I play the most and lasts about 30 seconds), and so the more you play, the more you earn, and as the games can be pretty addictive, you can make actually make a decent amount of real money a month if you play often! I play if I'm bored on a evening or when putting my son to bed, as he likes me to stay in the room with him while he falls asleep, which can take a while, or if I'm going on a journey as a car passenger, or taking public transportation, as it's an excellent way to pass the time and is actually very entertaining, if not a little addictive, but that's ok, as there are no financial commitments, as its no-cost entertainment; it's free after all, there's no gambling, so you can't get yourself into debt, and you can dive into the games on the app without worrying about in-app purchases or hidden fees, and the best bit is you get paid for playing your favourite games! I reckon I probably earn about £5 a week using the app, on average, which isn't to be knocked, as that's £260.00 a year extra in my bank account, just for playing fun games on my phone a few times a week! You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account on the last day of the month via the app's payout system, which is powered by Visa.

You can easily monitor your total and daily earnings via the Skedadle account balance tab, so you always know what you've earned. As well as money you'll find money-saving vouchers, discounts, and special rewards from lots of different brands as well, so even more reasons to get involved!

What are the games?

This legit app (and I say legit as it does actually pay out) offers a selection of different games to keep you busy! At the time of writing this, Skedadle offered the following games: 4096, Brix, Flappydadle, Invaderz (basically Space Invaders!), Finga Ninja, Scrabble, Snake and Stackit. They do add new games from time to time as well. I mentioned these games are like Snake back in the 90s earlier in the post, but that was a bit unfair, if I'm honest, as these are all full-colour games with decent graphics and sound, so I was doing them an injustice by saying them were like a black and white old school game, these games create a fun and of course, rewarding, in more than one way, gaming experience. Skedadle creates a sense of community and friendly competition as you can challenge your friends and see how you are doing with the leaderboards, which will show you how well you're doing on the game compared with other players around the world, which can be disappointing when you think you're the best player out there, check the leaderboards and find your 1077th on the board when you felt sure you must be in the top 10, with your amazing gaming skills, but that's ok, it gives you another reason to get back playing and trying to beat your scores, and as the app pays you the more you interact with it, it's a great way and a simple way to earn even more money!

I know several other people using this revolutionary gaming app who keep their earnings in the app, and then, if they get an unexpected bill, they have some extra money they can withdraw to help pay it; also, many people keep the money in the app and will withdraw it to buy Christmas presents or use it as part of their holiday spending money, which sounds like a good idea, although maybe withdraw it and keep it in a separate bank account earning interest, or perhaps use it to buy some Premium Bonds, which you can cash out when you need the money, but could earn you up to a £1M, so all of a sudden those pennies you've earned playing games, could buy you a nice house and a flash car; ok, its a bit far fetched I know, but you never know what might happen, someone wins every monthly and it could be you, all because you played Scrabble on the train, on the way to work!

The app is available for use on an IOS device or Android device, and you can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and is suitable for individuals of all ages, although you must be 12+ to download the app.

You can Invite friends to download and enjoy the games as well, and if you do, you can earn even more because if they sign up using your referral code and start playing, you'll receive a 50p bonus once they've earned their first £1, so it's a win-win for everyone! Please feel free to use our referral code on the Skedadle site, which is 2WEIN

So, do I recommend it?

I use Skedadle more or less daily. I enjoy playing the games, and my son gets involved in playing Scrabble with me, which I'm therefore classing as educational, even though he's terrible at it, lol, but it's fun for us both to play. It can be a real time killer, but that's precisely why I think it's great for commuters, as it will help make those mindless journeys to work or school more exciting and, dare I say, fun, with endless hours of decent entertainment and gameplay opportunities! This is a fab way to earn actual money whilst playing your favourite games; it's a real win-win and a great addition to your mobile phone's home screen!


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